This little chipmunk was our buddy for the entire week we camped in Maine this past August.  He showed up the first morning while I was drinkin’ coffee at the picnic table so we threw him a few almonds.  He quickly grabbed them up and took them back to his hideaway to store for winter.

Less than a minute later he scurried back looking for more.  I didn’t wanna give up any more of my cocoa dusted almonds.  I think he knew it.

He ran over to my foot and stopped,  looking at me.  I didn’t think this chipmunk was going to actually run up my leg but it did and when it got to my hand that was resting on my knee it snatched the almond out of my fingers and ran back down my leg.  I was stunned.

This exchange repeated until we were out of almonds.  We were gonna need more nuts.

We went and found two bags of peanuts for the next morning and sure enough he was back.  At this point we decided a name was appropriate and what would be more original than Chip? 😛

Chip was there every morning for peanuts the entire week we stayed there.

Posing for a picture

Posing for a picture


Check out some pictures from our Maine trip

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