7 Simple Wedding Photography Tips for the Bride & Groom

There are many things that can cause stress on your wedding day – getting amazing photographs should not be one of them!

These simple tips will help take the stress out of your wedding photographs


1.  SMILE! – You’ve been dreaming about this day your whole life-show it!  While there are certainly many things to cause stress on your wedding day,  remember what it’s all for and SMILE!

2.  Avoid looking directly at the camera (unless your photographer directs you to) – For the most part,  your wedding photographer wants to stay in the shadows and go unnoticed in order to get those classic, once-in-a-lifetime candid images that everyone loves.  Constantly looking for your photographer in order to get certain pictures will be a hindrance.   A professional photographer will have already gone over particular shots that you want(referred to as a shot list) and will get them at the appropriate time.

3.  Be willing to spend time with your photographer ahead of the Big Day – Being comfortable in front of the camera is paramount to getting top quality images that you’ll cherish forever.  Building a rapport with your photographer makes a big difference!  An engagement session is a great time work with your photographer in a relaxed setting and get a feel for how a session flows.

4.  HAVE FUN! – see SMILE! above 🙂  Mckee-Shaffer_161




5.  Keep Formals Casual – The formal group photos can be some of the dullest photos of the day.  Spice it up.  Discuss ideas with your wedding photographer about how to make group shots exciting!

6.  Be sure to have a Hair & Makeup ‘rehearsal’ – It’s a good idea to pick a day prior to your wedding to have your hair and makeup done so you can see exactly how it will look.  Many wedding photographers will ask to do a shoot prior to your wedding day with the bride and groom fully dressed and this would be a great chance to try your hair and makeup and then see how it will look in your album or prints.

7.   Trust your photographer – Your wedding photographer knows the flow of a wedding inside and out and is well prepared for the day’s events.  Don’t be afraid to ask him or her questions!  Follow your photographer’s posing instructions to help them make you look your best!


New Year-New Start

2014 marks the 5th full year of business for Michael K. Photography and it’s been quite a journey. To think back to where it all started 5 years ago(11 years if you count the hands-on training before college) conjures thoughts of trying times and failed experiments.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What I’ve learned since then is that NOTHING about running a business is easy.  Not even the fun parts.

I love photography and everything about it but when combined with the business parts of running a business even that can become tedious and sometimes staying motivated can be a job all in itself.

Never give up.  Never think you can’t do it. Never say it’s too much to handle.  Because it isn’t.


Thanks to ALL who have helped me along the way…family, friends, customers.   I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.



A Quick Brainstorm…

 This fall session with Monica, Brendan, & Shawn had been scheduled a month in advance and when we all met at the location it was unexpectedly was closed for winter.   A quick, three-minute brainstorm brought us to another beautiful location that we had never used before.  After a brief moment of stress all was well and it turned out to be an amazing session with three awesome people!!